About Us

The Stock Expert only highlights respectable companies with big potential. This commitment provides our subscribers with only the best recommendations of companies that have the ability to grow and provide impressive shareholder value for the short and long term.

The Stock Expert Knows How The Street Operates

We thoroughly analyze a business before they take stake in the stock. We know that finding great investments requires searching deep and using effective and proven tools like RSI indicators, trending graph charts and algorithms that generate the results we adhere to. We also know that timing is everything and our experience enables us to examine companies and find the right time to act on them.

The Stock Expert is Always Diligent and Always On The Lookout

We work very hard to keep you informed of everything our picks are doing. It is like having your own group of analysts to keep you on target every day. Once we put a company on your radar, we update you on important developments so you always feel confident that you are protecting your investment. We pride ourselves on our expertise and going the extra mile when researching exchange companies to highlight.

The Stock Expert Only Alerts You To Reputable Companies On The Nasdaq & NYSE

100% of our picks are highly regarded businesses with real revenues and assets that are capable of great potential on their future. We only highlight companies on these exchanges because they are the most stable and liquid exchanges that set elite standards for honest reporting and steady trading. We do not and will not recommend penny stocks on the OTC because they are unsafe and nearly all of them are garbage.

We Are Always Looking For Quality Companies

They’re real businesses with revenues and assets, with real people behind them and capable of grasping the HUGE potential ahead of them. You’ll never see crazy ideas like tin mine startups in Nigeria or an IPO on solar panel company in the Tian Jin province of China come from The Stock Expert.

No Pink Sheet, No OTC, No BS

We keep good company on these blue-chip exchanges. So when you want to take a profit, you won’t wonder where the buyers went. America’s most stable and liquid exchanges set high standards for honest reporting and regular trading.